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Keri O’Conner Wild Woman Soulography Experience

It was a typical zoom conversation where I connected to her soul’s journey and what I saw. I remember specifically all the white that surrounded her. I wanted to capture that lightness that came through in so many ways.

So when it was time for her day we wanted to make sure that she felt her lightness everywhere!

And we wanted to make up to feel light

I love it when the day starts off this way. Everything felt amazing and the place where were had stayed in Essex, CT was just the perfect back drop for this amazing badass mama coach.

We even got to see a castle that day!

The part that I love the most about the Wild Woman Soulography Shoot is the way that the guides channel locations and this one were just the perfect combinations for this light queen!



"Dani peered into my soul as if she had known me for an eternity."

"It felt like her soul and mine had a karmic relationship and she was my mentor, helping me to embody my destiny. Thank you Dani!! I can't wait to see the rest of the magic we made together!" - Amy Joy

Let's Make Magic!