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Brooke’s Wild Woman Soulography

Heading up to the mountains to a sacred place for this magical goddess was just purely incredible. We wanted to create a sanctuary and getting her to see how much wisdom she had.

As soon as I started to channel in her energy I started to feel the shift in the air. The wind pick up and all the snow from the day before started to swirl in the air. I knew that as soon as she felt that wind all around her she would get a sense of how much wisdom she was holding in her body.

I knew for sure that as the guides started to unveil the messages she would forever feel them.

It wasn’t the warmest day the last couple of photos was done in temperature that felt like six below zero.

But boy you could never tell from this goddess that she was uncomfortable.

Brooke’s Words about the experience:

Part I • Feeling Seen

The validation of feeling seen can be through words or it can manifest itself through presence or sharing moments together. Sometimes that connection comes naturally.

I don’t always feel seen. I realize what an extremely deep, passionate, wild soul I am. And with those intense emotions comes a lot of complexity and being misunderstood. I feel all of the feels and I feel them all too much.

As a model, I play many roles and am expected to mold into what the client wants. I love what I do, but I hardly ever get to do anything that feels true to me. Last year really put things into perspective and helped me prioritize what I will and will not settle for anymore in my life and my career. One of the promises I made myself in regards to creative work outside my agencies was to only do things and be around others who felt true to me.

So, when Dani and Susan asked me to be a part of this photoshoot- I did not hesitate. Two extremely soulful, spiritual, supportive, women’s women who are goodness and genuineness through and through? Yes, please. Sign me up. 🏔❄

Part 2:  Seen

As I stepped outside our AirBnB to begin the photoshoot, Dani looked me in the eyes with the sincerest and sweetest of stares. “Today, you’re not a model. You are you. This shoot is about you and your soul.” I sighed with relief. Relief that I could “just be” and not be “on.”  I wasn’t sure what that was going to look like or how Dani would capture the depths of this fiery soul, but I instinctively  trusted her.  I took another deep breath, opened the door, and threw myself out to frigid temperatures and wild winds that awaited me. It was time to create some mountain magic.  It was a completely different experience giving myself full permission to show up without holding back in front of the lens. I wasn’t paying attention to the best light, the best angles, and other things I normally have to be aware of when I’m photographed. I showed up with vulnerability, courage, and embraced the flow of the winds just as I normally embrace the flow of every day life. Wild Woman Soulography reminded me that powerful transformations occur when you SURRENDER and allow what’s already inside of your soul to emerge and be seen without apology- both your light and your shadows.  Ironically, the word  “SURRENDER” is my theme for 2021. And ironically enough, opportunities and people continue to present themselves this year to make me show up and put in the hard work. The heart work being the hardest work of all ❤ Being seen is to accept; not aiming to change or judge. It’s about not dismissing one’s experience- big, small, or different- because they’re all valid. Dani and Susan both held space, witnessed, and empowered me during the entirety of this weekend, which helped me show up and be seen as authentically as possible for this shoot. I can’t thank them enough for their love and sharing in/ creating this incredibly beautiful experience in another huge transitional period of my life. ❤

"Dani peered into my soul as if she had known me for an eternity."

"It felt like her soul and mine had a karmic relationship and she was my mentor, helping me to embody my destiny. Thank you Dani!! I can't wait to see the rest of the magic we made together!" - Amy Joy

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