Intimate couples photography allows you the chance to visualize your love story in the most genuine way.

Spend time at home together – the way you spend the majority of your lives – laughing and loving on each other.

Celebrate and immortalize the things you love most about each other. The early mornings, the messy afternoons and the quiet evenings. This is a record of how you share life together.

Contact Me To Get Started 

1. We hop on the phone so I can hear all the details of your love story and what you’re hoping to capture about this current stage of your life together. We brainstorm the details so your session truly reflects your relationship and how you interact with each other.
2. Intimate couples photography sessions take place in your home (or an Air B&B if you’d prefer) and usually feature 1-3 rooms. The most popular choices are bedroom, shower/tub, kitchen & living room.
3. You can choose a straight-up snuggle session or you can mix in an activity that you love to do together like cooking, playing games or gardening to show a real glimpse into your life.
4. We can go as sweet or as steamy as you’d like. This is your chance to show each other openness and passion.
5. You can expect a healthy amount of black and white images mixed into your final gallery because nothing lets the emotion of intimate moments stand out quite like B&W..

How   works.



What’s Included:

Questionnaire to capture the details of your love story
Custom planning session to discover how best to capture your love story
In-person styling
1 hour of photography by Daniela in your home
Online gallery to choose your favorites 
Travel fees to any destination within 150 miles of my travel schedule are included

Show each other
Vulnerability & Passion 

Investment: $800

Our Souls are Ready

My Dearest Wild Heart, 

Reclamation is writing your own definition of what it means to be YOU.

Have you given yourself permission to feel the sacred sensuality of your Soul? Or are you like so many of the women who have been conditioned to deny the depths of your own being? Do you long to explore your unmet textures? The vastness of your inner sanctuary? The infinite power of your womb? I long to see you flourish. To witness the ineffable vastness of your being.