From Womb to Earth.

From Earth to Womb.

Awaken the divine collaboration of your body temple, your guides, and Pachamama.


Your ancestors guided you to this page at this exact moment of your life for a reason.  It is sacred, it is special, it is not to be rushed.

Take a slow deep breath and bring your hands to your womb.

Feel how much that was needed.

How many have us have withheld our tears,
our anger, our frustrations, our passions for the sake of performance. 

On social media, with our family, with our children, with our partner or business?



This journey is not for the faint of heart. The path back to Self is a path through fire, dirt, cosmos, and ether.
This is the path that awakens you through more than just the consciousness. It beacons you to walk on sand dunes, through forests, into rivers and back to your center.
The path to ancestral embodiment is not about what you wear, the rituals you practice, the books you read, or any of that bullshit. 
It's the path of shedding the disillusion of any separateness or disconnection to self.

This is the invitation to let go of fear that you’re alone. 
To stop looking outside yourself to be better.

 You are more supported than your critical mind can possibly comprehend. This is the journey of releasing the grip of conditioning on intellect to tap into the infinite resources of your inner codex.
Our ancestors knew this and now you know this and they’ve been trying to knock at the door.

This is not another “let me fix you” program…because you’re not fucking broken.

It's a 4-week journey with 11 other woman through the either

Are you going to let them? 

Investment: $888


My Soul is Ready

If solo is more your style? 

Investment: $1,111


My Soul is Ready

My Dearest Wild Heart, 

Reclamation is writing your own definition of what it means to be YOU.

Have you given yourself permission to feel the sacred sensuality of your Soul? Or are you like so many of the women who have been conditioned to deny the depths of your own being? Do you long to explore your unmet textures? The vastness of your inner sanctuary? The infinite power of your womb? I long to see you flourish. To witness the ineffable vastness of your being.