Then, in an instant, a deliciously soft exhale floats you down into your inner temple. That space where all inner knowing & knowledge within you resides.

I'll be here as a beacon of guidance, protection, and light every step of the way.

It is here, in this temple, that I will administer a golden droplet of truth serum. As it hits the energetic body, it wraps around you like cashmere ensuring that the journey will not only be easy, it will be luxurious.

Together, we drop deeper still, into the womb space. Into the deepest and highest creative expression of your Soul. Grounded equally w/I the core of the body and the celestial plane.

It is here, in this ancient, sacred space that I am able to reveal your deepest truths, your Dharma.

I hand you the key to where you have locked yourself up and show you how to open the door.

I will transcribe and translate the eternal knowledge of the Self.

I will confirm for you what your Soul is begging to tell you. I will unleash the essence of all that you are, ever were, and are yet to be.

"They're at the same time too many and too few words to express the magic of this woman. She is mystic, seer, Mother, and Earth. She is a courageous guide and a translator of ancient wisdom."

This is a reconfiguring of your physical and energetic essence to the person that you were born into this lifetime to be.

You will have the map, the tools, and the wisdom to move forward in life as your Highest Self.

This isn’t a Reading.

Each session is 60 min. and you will receive recommended self care specific to your energy need before our session.

It is a Revelation to YOUR soul.

Investment: $150


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My Dearest Wild Heart, 

Reclamation is writing your own definition of what it means to be YOU.

Have you given yourself permission to feel the sacred sensuality of your Soul? Or are you like so many of the women who have been conditioned to deny the depths of your own being? Do you long to explore your unmet textures? The vastness of your inner sanctuary? The infinite power of your womb? I long to see you flourish. To witness the ineffable vastness of your being.